“Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.

-John F. Kennedy


During our campaign to build the current soup kitchen facility, guided by parents and teachers, Chicopee Public School Students creatively raised in excess of $40,000 towards the efforts.

Support the great students of Chicopee Comprehensive High School in their food drive!

Chicopee Comp Food Drive

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  • Youth who volunteer regularly practice skills—like collaboration and problem solving—that are vital to succeed in academics, the workplace, and their personal lives.
  • Teens who volunteer build relationships and strengthen their support network, or “social capital.” Social capital strengthens trust and sense of community and is critical to upward mobility.
  • Volunteering gives youth the opportunity to work through real challenges and make meaningful change. These transformative experiences encourage teenagers and children to confront moral dilemmas, investigate solutions, and employ innovative thinking.
  • When students participate in service-learning curriculum, they demonstrate deeper cognitive engagement and greater motivation to learn. And educators are employing service-learning as a tool to reduce high-school dropout and increase achievement among at-risk students.

Contact us for creative ways your children can be involved in doing good for our community.

  • Belcher School Food Drive 2022

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