For over 30 years, Lorraine’s has served the Chicopee, MA community through our pantry and soup kitchen. We connect with our donors and supporters, offer assistance to our friends and neighbors, and help lead the fight against food insecurity.

Mission Statement

Lorraine’s Soup Kitchen & Pantry, Inc. exists to be a resource of food security to the Greater Chicopee community by providing access with respect and dignity.

Our Vision

We strive to reduce the risk and effects that food insecurity has on families and individuals by investing in those we serve through collaboration with our community partners to educate and raise awareness.

We recognize the need for excellence through transparency, strong stewardship, innovative and strategic planning, and effective development of our team of committed staff and volunteers.


A group of citizens joined together upon seeing a need to assist the hungry and disadvantaged in the Chicopee community. A non-profit organization called Chicopee Emergency Food & Fuel (CHIEFF) which served as a voucher program to residents, formed.


The Chicopee Soup Kitchen opened on 35 Center Street. Volunteer teams from Willimansett Nursing Home served the kitchen’s first meal to 13 people: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Operating two nights a week, word soon spread and attendance rose to over 25 people. A food pantry was then established at The Chicopee Soup Kitchen, receiving donations from local retailers, wholesalers, churches, and local agencies. Nearly all food and monetary donations also came directly from Chicopee residents. On average, 20 families received much-needed groceries through the pantry.



The Chicopee Soup Kitchen & Pantry was renamed Lorraine’s Soup Kitchen & Pantry to honor Lorraine Houle (1927-2018), the first and only director of the organization.


A growing need to help families in Chicopee led to Lorraine’s launching a capital campaign for relocation to a state-of-the-art facility on 170 Pendexter Avenue. The property where Lorraine’s resides to this day was donated by Callaway Golf Operations, a long-time, avid supporter of the non-profit.

Current Facility on Pendexter Avenue


The organization is still going strong over 30 years later. In addition to meal and food pantry services, Lorraine’s also offers Christmas meals, Pop-Up Pantries, free monthly health clinics, social services regularly, and accepts donations Monday through Friday. Learn more about our services here!


2017 Christmas Meal (MassLive)











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